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Attorney Mike Durkee has extensive experience and vast knowledge regarding California land use matters. Mike was instrumental in the creation, coordination and implementation of the overall entitlement strategy – and defense – for quite a few of California’s both celebrated and controversial development projects. Mike has a clear understanding of land use and the practical application of laws in regard to land use issues.

Types Of Projects Mike Can Assist With

Mike understands that time is money. He is adept at perceiving where there will be issues and skilled in the resolution of those issues. He offers a broad base of services and resources for both residential developments and retail projects. He can:
  • Ensure that you adhere to local regulations and get appropriate permits for building projects
  • Offer guidance and affirmation that you are purchasing the right piece of land for your project
  • Review contracts to make sure they are in your best interests
  • Assist in obtaining development entitlements and permits
  • Counsel on and navigate through municipal laws and regulations
Mike is also skilled in environmental issues, which has daily implications for those who live and work in the area near San Francisco. For those involved in building projects, having seasoned guidance on these matters is often crucial.

Contact Mike For A Land Use Consultation

California land use and environmental issues can be complex. You likely have questions that need to be answered before your project can move forward. Call 510-617-0569 and speak with Mike Durkee about your project in a free initial consultation. You can also send a brief summary of your matter to Law Office of Michael Patrick Durkee via this confidential website contact email.