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Attorney Mike Durkee has extensive experience and vast knowledge regarding California Land Use Litigation matters. Mike was instrumental in the creation, coordination and implementation of the overall entitlement strategy – and defense – for quite a few of California’s both celebrated and controversial development projects. Mike has a clear understanding of Land Use Litigation and the practical application of laws in regard to Land Use Litigation issues.

Types Of Litigation Mike Has Been Involved In

  • Mike’s litigation practice involves CEQA, the Subdivision Map Act, Planning and Zoning Law, Initiatives, and all other aspects of California Land Use, Elections Law, and Municipal Law. Mike represents, developers, builders, businesses, property owners, cities, and counties at trial and on appeal in state and federal courts.
  • Many of Mike’s cases have been cases of “first impression,” either making new law or providing needed clarification to an existing gap in the law. Mike’s cases of first impression include Sierra Club v. Napa Board of Supervisors, 205 Cal.App.4th 162 (2012) [Lot Line Adjustments];  Fogarty v. City of Chico, 148 Cal.App.4th 537 (2008) [what is an “exaction” under the Mitigation Fee Act]; County of Humboldt v. McKee, 165 Cal.App.4th1476 (2008) [Williamson Act]; Davidon Homes v. City of San Jose, 54 Cal.App.4th 106 (1997) [CEQA lawsuit regarding need for substantial evidence in record]; Citizens of Goleta Valley v. Santa Barbara County, 52 Cal.3d. 553 (1990) [Amicus curiae counsel to League of California cities on now-famous CEQA case regarding “alternative sites” analysis in EIRs].

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California land use And land use litigation issues can be complex. You likely have questions that need to be answered before your project can move forward. Call 510-617-0569 and speak with Mike Durkee about your project in a free initial consultation. You can also send a brief summary of your matter to Law Office of Michael Patrick Durkee via this confidential website contact email.