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Proven Environmental Law Representation

Attorney Mike Durkee is an aggressive advocate for clients involved in litigation matters. He understands that every day without a solution costs you more time and resources.

California environmental litigation is essentially the enforcement of the state’s environmental policy through the use of the courts. Depending upon the details of the case, the legal repercussions for environmental charges can be administrative or criminal fines. In rare cases, where the court finds egregious actions, prison terms can be included in sentencing.

Focused On Specific California Environmental Issues

Mike is an innovative thinker who crafts creative solutions to issues. He stays up-to-the-minute on current legal developments and can anticipate challenges, obstacles and solutions that are impactful to clients.
Mike represents clients in matters such as:
  • Clean Water Act litigation
  • Navigating the California Environmental Quality Act
  • Resolving issues related to regulatory compliance
  • Risk management
  • Wetlands restrictions and water rights
  • Construction contracts
  • Other environmental law challenges
Few attorneys have the extensive experience base that Mike has in California environmental law issues. Mike also counsels clients on California land use matters.

Get The Focused Experience You Need

California environmental law issues can be complex and difficult to navigate on your own. It’s likely you have questions. Mike offers a free initial consultation so that you can better understand the scope of the issue, your options and next best steps. Call 510-617-0569 or send Mike a confidential email at Law Office of Michael Patrick Durkee.